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Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction treatments remove forest fuel so that when wildfires burn, they burn less severe and can be more easily suppressed. When fuels accumulate, wildfires burn hotter, faster and with higher flame lengths. When fire encounters areas of continuous brush or small trees, fire can burn these ladder fuels, quickly converting a ground fire into a much more dangerous and damaging crown fire. Hazardous fuel reduction treatments reduce surface and ladder fuels and may include thinning dense tree stands, while preserving mature trees. Hazardous fuels can be any kind of living or dead vegetation that is flammable or can become flammable during a wildfire. Hazardous fuels reduction in Central Oregon is an important part of forest and property management. Fuels reduction will dramatically reduce fire danger and help create a clean manageable healthy forest.

Millwood – over 15 years’ experience doing fuels reduction work.

  • Decrease the risk for catastrophic wildfire
  • Minimize threat to the public, firefighters, and property from wildfire
  • Improve the health of the forest
  • Encourages plant and animal biodiversity
  • Helps recover the local watershed and aquifer